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My son is almost 11. He was on Concerta 54mg for over one and a half years. It worked great for his ADHD, but he didn't gain weight and was up till 11pm-1am nightly. We switched to Strattera in March, and he was extremely tired and zoned out for a solid week. That passed and the sparkle in his eyes emerged again--we hadn't seen much of that while on Concerta. He gained five pounds the first two weeks he was on Strattera, and went to bed nightly between 9-10 pm. He's also somewhat anxious, and it helped with that. But, it didn't seem to do much for his focusing/attention, so I stopped it after 6 weeks and tried Ritalin twice a day. Worked well--timed it so he'd be hungry at lunch and the second dose would wear off by dinner. But the let down time after his pm dose wore off left him wired and the anxiety returned. So, the doctor said to try the Strattera again, along with two doses of Ritalin a day--morning and afternoon. That helps through the school day, the Ritalin is out of his system by 5:30, and there's no apparent let down time from the Ritalin with the Strattera in his system. He's eating and sleeping, and we'll see how things go. The past week and a half have been good.

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