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Ive been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder and have started strattera so we will see how it goes. first a few questions. does strattera help with being able to focus on conversations? i know it makes u a better listener, but does this mean u just stand there with no response in ur brain or it actualy helps try and u care what someones saying? i know nothing is perfect and id ont expect it to be. but i wanna use it if its effective, as a tool for trying to straighten some problems out. and does it help move to new thoughts at all or do u stay hyperfocused just the same? I also have obsessive compulsive disorder which adds to my hyperfocusing so i dont expect it to be a cure. but alot of times, ill wanna do something and be focused on it and then wanna do something else. so do these drugs help with this or help u deal with it better? I know drugs are just a tool for improvement and u have to work on it on ur own and must not expect too much or a cure. I took that ADD test online that tells u what areas of ur brain are effected with it, and what drugs and supplements u can use to help and what will do u wrong. has anyone had success with any supplements to help deal with anxiety, getting stuck on thoughts and such? even if i can take an edge off, iw ould love very wary of products like " attend" that have them all in the same one. but this website says theres certain drugs, like tyrosene, tryptophan and fatty acids, and complexes that can help. but im wondering if it actually has an effect and if anyone has success stories. i know that one guy on here has success with fish oil, but what ADD symptoms does that seem to treat. Ive never been a problem in school, but i do fidget and do my best thinking when i walk, but im inattentive too..has anyone had success with st johns wort and ginko biloba, etc? i would like to take a few to aide my strattera. Also does anyone have any tips for improving memory? or any supplements that help you? I dont want reports of findings people found on the web, im curious if any people in here actually had success with any of these areas. i would like to take an ssri for some of my symptoms but the side effects make me lazier than i need to be. espcially while on strattera..thanks.

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