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Anyone ever hear of Dr. Thomas Nicolas Bacon? Anyone have experiences with Dr Bacon? Doing some research. Need information.


This is a very important article. If you have ever been treated by Dr. Bacon. And since then have had Mental illness, or Mental Disorders. You may want to read this article.


Dr. Thomas Nicholas Bacon
It was alleged that Dr. Bacon is guilty of professional misconduct, in that he failed to maintain the standard of practice of the profession.
It was further alleged that Dr. Bacon is incompetent, in that his care of patients displayed a lack of knowledge, skill or judgement or disregard for the welfare of the patients of a nature or to an extent that demonstrates that he is unfit to continue in practice or that his practice should be restricted.
Guilty of both allegations.
The Committee believed it was clearly demonstrated that Dr. Bacon's standard of care fell well below acceptable standards for a physician practising this type of medicine.
Dr. Bacon, a general practitioner, restricted his practice to patients with ADD/ADHD, epilepsy, hyperactivity, learning problems and sleep disorders.
The factual findings made by the Committee are as follows:
1. Dr. Bacon failed to maintain proper documentation in the charts of his patients.
2. Dr. Bacon incorrectly diagnosed many of his patients as having ADD/ADHD. He frequently began treatment with high doses of several drugs before the results of some of the investigations became available.
3. Dr. Bacon relied on his interpretation of certain tests to confirm his diagnoses, even though he never advised patients of his lack of specialized training in the interpretation of certain tests. Examples of these tests are EEGs, sleep studies, biofeedback, hearing tests, vision tests, and allergy tests. These tests were all ordered by Dr. Bacon, done at the clinic and interpreted by him.
4. Dr. Bacon ordered EEGs and multiple blood tests on almost all patients, even if there were no clinical indications. These tests were ordered to be repeated either every three months or on a yearly basis.
5. Dr. Bacon failed to consider differential diagnoses and other possible causes of hyperactivity in patients of all ages. This is of significance, especially in young children, where many other causes for hyperactivity should first have been ruled out prior to beginning these young patients on high doses of psychotropic drugs.
6. Dr. Bacon ignored advice and information from specialists (psychologist, neurologist and paediatricians) who questioned and challenged his diagnoses especially in his paediatric patients with complex diagnoses.
7. Dr. Bacon failed to make timely referrals or failed to get second opinions for the complex patients in his care, even after the passing of many months or years without the patients responding to his treatments.
8. Without contacting the patients' physicians, Dr. Bacon abruptly discontinued the medications of patients who appeared to have had well-controlled psychiatric or neurological illnesses. He diagnosed them as having ADD/ADHD and almost immediately began them on other medications. In several of these patients, the new medications were contra-indicated in the treatment of their original diagnoses.
9. Dr. Bacon prescribed excessive amounts and types of psychotropic medications at very high doses for very young patients in his care without showing any concern for drug toxicity, interactions, side effects or adverse reactions. He treated any unwanted effects of medication by adding another drug, often without first reviewing the diagnosis, reducing the massive doses or tapering off the drugs before beginning another potent drug.
For the reasons stated above, the Committee concluded that Dr. Bacon was guilty of professional misconduct for failing to maintain the standard of practice of the profession and incompetence.
Reasons for Penalty
The Committee believed that revocation of Dr. Bacon's certificate of registration is the appropriate penalty. Many areas of Dr. Bacon's practice fell well below the standard of practice of an average physician. Additionally, Dr. Bacon displayed a lack of knowledge, skill and judgement and disregard for the welfare of his very vulnerable patients that demonstrates that he is unfit to continue in practice.
The Committee found that Dr. Bacon's testimony demonstrated that he has not gained insight into his deficiencies. The Committee also agreed that if Dr. Bacon were allowed to continue his practice, it would put his patients' health and well being in jeopardy.
Penalty Order
The Committee ordered the Registrar to revoke Dr. Bacon's certificate of registration.
(Dr. Bacon has appealed the decision of the Discipline Committee to the Ontario Court of Justice

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