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Hey everyone,

I have not been diagnosed with ADD yet because I am waiting for my insurance to start on July 1st and the wait is killing me! I am 21 years old and always thought that I had [U]normal[/U] impatience, bad memory, poor self esteem, thinking I was stupid, and couldn't pay attention. It wasn't until my little brother got diagnosed that I started looking into ADD. I realized that a lot of the symptoms I have...TO EXTREMES and now I can't wait to get checked out because I feel like ADD has a huge hold on my life! I have road rage, impatience to the extreme of getting mad instantly over absolutely nothing, and missing almost all of an entire conversation with someone. It is a STRUGGLE to pay attention to anyone talking and I constantly interupt people to say something that is completely off topic. Sometimes when my husband is explaining things I have to make his start over multiple times and speak slowly so I can understand what he's saying. My husband is amazing and so patient with me but I am afraid that my ADD will hurt him after time from me being so impatient, "seeming" like Im not listening, etc. I look back over the last couple years and have noticed ADD in so much of my life like wanted to go to college but too afraid and intimidated to WALK into the college by myself because I feel dumb. As well as, being at a job for a year and still making daily mistakes that I shouldn't! I guess the only reason I am writing this is to just talk to someone else that is experiencing these same things and also to find out how people cope with the issues because I feel like they have a huge hold and effect on my life. Anything will help. Thanks guys! = )

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