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Re: Add concerns
Jun 23, 2011
What sort of supplements are you taking as a weightlifter? It's an important consideration that many of the supplements often taken by athletes can interact to heighten the effects and/or side effects of amphetamines. Things like L-Tyrosine and vitamin B can have stimulant effects, while many 'under the counter' type supplements for cutting weight like Ma Huang, ephedrine and even ginseing are straight up stimulants themselves, so would have a cumulative effect.

You may also talk to the doctor about moving to a milder form of amphetamine; Adderall tends to be rather harsh in the side effects department. I would look at Vyvanse, if you can afford it, and see if that helps alleviate your anxiety problems. Vyvanse is strictly dextroamphetamine, which is generally associated more with the desirable effects of amphetamines, while levoamphetamine is thought to be generally less helpful and more likey to cause side effects (Adderall is 75% dextro- and 25% levo-). This isn't a hard and fast rule by any means, but it is common.

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