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[quote]Originally posted by Wikolia:
[b]I keep reading all of these comments on how their child doesn't behave, hits the teacher, sleeps all the time (after only one day from start of use) and so on.. Well I can tell you from personal experience that Straterra is by far the best medication I have yet to see for ADHD/ADD! Just because your child had ADHD does not mean you should allow terrible behavior (all though it will happen), you still need to let your child know bad behavior is unacceptable and reward good behavior.
My 9 year old has ADHD and started taking Straterra over a year ago as part of the Straterra study with results that far exceeded my expectations for ADHD medication. For the first week, all she did was lay on the couch, snuggle up with a blanket watching TV, eat and sleep. Initially, my husband and I didn't like the "new" daughter she appeared to be, because we missed her personality. Within a couple weeks, "our daughter" came back, personality and all! Straterra did more than just help her concentration though, it significantly decreased the argueing between her and her younger sister, punishments were almost nonexistent due to her improved behavior, and her effort and grades went up! She actually calls Straterra the "smart pill" because as we explained to her, it helped her concentrate better in school which in turn will brought her grades up, making it appear as though Starterra is some sort of "smart pill".
Which ever way you choose to approach it, I really recommend that you give it try for atleast two or three months. Being that it's the only nonstimulant, doctors feel completely comfortable continuing this medication throughout the summer too! (unlike many other ADHD meds) What ever choice you decide, good luck and God Bless! [/b][/quote]

Was your daughter on any other med before straterra? my son is 7 and is on ritalin and the mornings and evenings are so hard when he's not on it. (rebounds up and down) he also fights with his brother all the time. we have come so far in the last year with him and his doctor wants to try the straterra in the summer (he's also going to summer school) so it would be a good test. i am just SO nervous about going thru this not knowing if he will have a bad reaction and have to go thru the disaster we went thru last year with him. I guess you don't know until you try it. He hasn't had any side effects from the ridilin so maybe he'll do ok on straterra? any advise?

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