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Hello friends,

How is everyone doing? My name is CJ and I am 21 years old. I have ADHD my whole life, but diagnosed at 15 years old in 10th grade. Boy growing has been different, but it's weird for me. I see two different sides to life. My ADHD side and a regular side, what I would think life is like without ADHD. I have been on numerous medications. I know the benefits and negatives about all types of meds. Pros and cons. I will be glad to help any parents or individuals who have adhd/add or think they do.

Honestly I have suffered with it my whole life and I have been on medication since I was 17 years old. I have found ways to live your life to help learn better, grab attention better, and actually have a sense of concentration.

Most of you with ADHD/ADD may be unorganized , hyperactive, depressed or feeling down or even feel stuck in life. When your in class you may have troubles concentrating. Any of you paying attention to the white board or power points and start day dreaming? I catch my self all the time.

The only reason I am have not taken medication is because I am joining the Air Force. Don't think it cannot be done, determination and confidence is what individuals with ADHD/ADD need in there life.

I do think medication helps a great deal, you have to know how to take it right. Some may feel irritable or get headaches often. I can help anyone with side effects, due to I have gone through them ALL. I have found ways to help with them.

I am glad to help anyone.


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