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I have a question for all of you with more experience than me: Is there a way I can continue to get results from my stimulant medication?

Since I am an adult (28 year old male), other adults w/ADD might have gone through my experience.

I started taking Ritalin 8 months ago (10mg x 3 times a day). I went through an initial period of euphoria along with increased attention. After 3 months, I switched to 40mg of Ritalin LA. During that period the Ritalin gave me a slight mood boost, along with amazing ability to focus in conversations, and while reading. Because Ritalin caused me some eye problems, I switched over to Adderall XR. Going up to 50mg/day gave me an initial boost, but made me tired after 3 months. I'm now back down to 20mg Adderall XR each day. I'm seeing an improvement in my ability to focus - but not like I did about 5 months back (when I was on Ritalin LA 40mg).

Is there a way I can get back to the stronger results I had in the early days of using Ritalin? Should I:
a) Lower my adderall dosage even further (down to 10mg/day).
b) Switch back to Ritalin,
c) cycle between dosages of 1 medication (i.e. 10mg -> 20mg -> 10mg) to keep my tolerance down.
c) Lower my expectations (I'll never get the initial efficacy I had back).

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. I'd really appreciate any advice you all have to offer,


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