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I am a 22 yr female who is diagnosed w/ ADHD. I have been taking adderoll for a couple of years, however have never taken ritalin. I am a psych major in college so I know a little about both meds and their effects though. The "high" you get when you first start on adderoll is what most Dr's are trying to get away from w/ strattera (sp), its where the addiction comes in. I am surprised at the high dose you are on so early. For the most part a max of 40 mgs a day is prescribed to ADD/ADHD patients in some cases 60mgs a day is given (barely ever and it depends on the way your body reacts to meds), only people diagnosed w/ narcolepsy are usually given that high of a dosage. I'm curious as to how you take the med? Twice daily or all at one time? Do you feel yourself crashing at night or are you having problems sleeping? In my case when I first started taking the med I had a little bit of trouble sleeping but most of it subsided once I got use to it and when the best times to take it were. Now I can take it 3 hours before I go to bed and sleep fine. I do have the same problem a lot of the time trying to get back to the way the med first effected me, the best way I can tell you to do it is split it up a lot during the day. I am on a high dosage, especially for being female and only weighing 130pds, I take up to 50mgs a day. I take 20 when I get up and then anywhere from 3-4 hours later take 10 and do the rest of my day that way until I don't take any later than 8pm. I find this is the best way to keep my mind functioning correctly. The only problems I have really experienced with the med is that in the evening I can almost become obsesive compulsive, if I get online or start to study something i can't stop until I finish it all (I'm sure you see what a strange feeling this is for me w/ living w/ ADHD and not being able to concentrate on anything for more than 5 sec usually). The med is great, you do need to give it time to feel the real effects of it. The main things to watch for are heart abnormalities, vision becoming cloudy, disorientation (OD's usually don't even know their own location). Be careful of allowing yourself to go up on your doses w/o Dr's approval it is easy to become extremely addictive and become your own medical advice, make sure you have a Dr that you know is up to date on everything and that you stay the same way. One thing I have found is that a lot of Dr's aren't as educated as they should be on meds and since it is your body and mind you need to keep up to date for your own sake. Don't mix Ritalin and adderoll! The few studies I have seen have been bad w/ this. Ritalin in general is a drug that is being phased out due to all of the long and short term side effects they are finding on it. It is very dangerous and would not adv taking it at all. Hope this was helpful, sorry it was so long.

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