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Hello to Everyone ! I'm new to this board and hoping to be able to get some other users experiences with adderall and how it has effected them so I can decide if I should stay on it.I'm also hoping I'll be able to make some new friends here! I'm very new to taking Adderall .Here's my story ... My family and I have a long history of ADHD that I can trace back to my Grandmother , my Father , then Me and my Brother and now my 2 Boys . My boys have been diagnosed and on adderall since they were 3 & 6 . I know 3 is young( he was almost 4 ) but when he started threatening me while in the "time out chair" to cut my head off and burn the house down I felt I needed to get professional help. Meds have helped them tremendously.I am very well informed on ADD-ADHD and have read Hollowells books Driven to Distraction and Answers to Distraction and found them fasinating as I could relate to so much of what I read (read it and weep). The boys are now 11 & 14 and doing well
(with some ups and downs,its always a struggle ) with intervention at school and support on my part.Its been a long rough road of learning disabilitys ,handling 2 ADD-ADHD Kids ( I have one of each ) , dealing w/a husband who did'nt think anything could be wrong w/ his kids ", a divorce , and a back disability . I'm 45 now and have suffered with magor depression for the past 8-10 years .I've been on Anti-depressants , had access to Valium type meds..ect,ect but they all seem to have a numbing effect on me and I have not responded very well to them.I've also tried all kinds of vitamin products some of which I'm on ( Sam-e is excellent ) .. but none of which have worked for my kids so please don't go there with your replys ok !) . Lets face it,life with my ADHD , 2 Kids with it & learning disabilitys, and then throw in a divorce
( actually my second ) and a back injury and its enough to put anyone over the deep end ! So I've had a rough time coping with everything and my energy levels and abilitys to function on a " normal" level ,if there is such a thing, have been greatly reduced. My shrink thought that I should try the ADD meds and see if it helped .I almost immediatly noticed within the first 2 hours that I was feeling more motivated and able to accomplish things . I just felt better than I had in many, many years ( I don't know if thats the "exagerated feeling of well being side effect" or me feeling better ? ) .. I seem to be taking a greater interest in myself and my appearence and just in ME in general ..I always put myself last interms of care it seems because I was so overwhelmed just doing what I had to do for the kids ect..My outlook on life is much better.. I have much more energy .. I seem to handle stress better which has always been a problem for me . Its almost like someone blew the dust out of my brain and I've come back to life again in just a few days ...Like a re-awakening of sorts . The meds seem to help me control my eating , which was out of control alot of the time and also has seemed to cut my need for alcohol. Either I'm handling stress better so I feel I don't need it to cope with it by drinking ... or I just don't feel the need when I'm stressed to drink because I'm calmer inside .. I don't know . I'm also not sleeping all the time , I was sleeping 12 hours a day ... no naps in the past few days ! ... BUT .. I noticed the dose that I started on was not as effective a few days later ? .. Do the effects kind of wear off at first untill you find the right dose ? Right now I'm trying 30 mgs time released a day.I am having problems with not being able to sleep, had that even on lower doses. But after sleeping the last 10 years away , its not so bad .. but I will need to figure a way to sleep at some point. My sleep is so light its not quality sleep right now.. Will I adjust and be able to sleep after a while ? Any help or sugestions you can give me as to how you felt when you started this medicine and how you are doing now would be really welcome ... I know I'm ADHD but I'm not sure my responces to this medicine are appropriate and mean that it is helping me .. I know I'm fuctioning on a much, much higher level than I was before , I know I feel much better ... If you have/had depression and ADHD also I'd love to hear from you and how the medicine has helped you or if it has or has not.I'm also wondering if the feel good feeling wares off and if its normal to feel this kind of "Better" on it ...Are there any sites that talk about how you "gage" the meds effectivness ? If you can relate to anything I am saying I'd love to hear from you .. thanks for listening ...

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