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I have been diagnosed already with severe anxiety, depression, and sleep troubles.
The symptoms bothering me now, on a daily basis are:
The back left part of my head burns. My head feels jammed up.
I'm constantly thinking, talking to myself inside, and there's always a song playing in my head.
Obsessing over past.
Racing heart.
Moments of hyperactivity.
Trouble focusing during conversation.
My eyes bat when I close them.
Vision seems blurry.
I have tics- shrugging my shoulders etc.
I never seem to get tired.
I seem numb to emotions. I never, ever get mad or upset. I seem apathetic sometimes, but I'm usually frustrated because I can't feel more for something or someone.
Back in high school I got in trouble alot. I had to have a student-parent-teacher conference because all of the papers I turned in had all the edges torn off.
New to this board, and my first post. I have a son with severe ADHD and also moderate OCD. One thing I see with reading your post is worry. :dizzy: no need to deal with it all on your own, find a great psychiatrist, one that can prescribe medication. My son takes quite a bit, but if you ask him, he wouldn't trade his meds or his docs for nothing. He is a happy boy now, not in tears with thoughts and anxiety along with impulses he cannot control. Don't give up see a specialist;)

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