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I've dealt with ADHD, general Anxiety disorder and major Depression for years. The doc has me on this daily regimen:
Adderall 30mg. x3
Wellbutrin IR 150mg x2
Prozac 10mg x1
Xanax 0.5 x3

I have felt more anxiety since being on Wellbutrin. I thought it was just increasing stress and the other stuff going on, but I feel almost jittery after I take a Vicodin (have some painful feet issues). I don't know if the pain med is not compating with something to feel "uneasy" instead of the usual opposite pain-med drowsy feeling. Any thoughts? Jackbeanstalk
I get seen at a low-income, Social Services facility and though my Dr. is a good one, she sees a ton of people daily. I'm in and out in 15 minutes, usually, although she does try and get things right by asking me if "everything is working" and sometimes I'll just say "Well, it seems to be", not really sure myself. She says the Prozac helps with the Xanax for the Anxiety Disorder and the Wellbutrin for the Depression. The Adderall is the IR type, a dose lasts about 5-6 hours, hence the TID dosing (as high as she will go) and it's as high as I want it to go, I'll usually break the 3rd dose in half for 75 mg. a day. I was in Pain Mgmnt. for several years and oddly enough, the pain doc had me on Prozac, Xanax, Methadone (cost-effective with no insurance) and Adderall 30mg x2. The pain added to the other conditions but that regimen was no problem. It seems that after the Wellbutrin was added later on by the Psych Dr. (I asked her about it because I knew others that took it and had good feelings about it) that the uneasy and jittery stuff got worse (?) I also take HRT (Testosterone injections every 10 days) if that fits into the mix. I really wish I had to take no pills at all but don't know where to begin. Thanks, JB

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