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Fyi, wellbutrin and Adderall are not an unusual combination. I started taking Wellbutrin in addition to Adderall to help deal with coming down off of Adderall in the evenings--I was getting very overwhelmed/anxious as it wore off every day. Wellbutrin helps with that.

My question is why two antidepressants? And why a stimulant and a depressant at the same time? Yeah, it seems pretty counter-productive to be taking Adderall and Xanax at the same time.

Moreover, because Xanax is so fast-acting, it is very rarely indicated for long-term daily use. In the past, I've been on as many as five psych meds daily with very poor results. My self-image revolved around being mentally ill and my day revolved around taking pills. I felt poorly most of the time and frequently had mysterious fevers that came and went daily for a long time with no explanation.

I now take two meds daily and a third very occasionally and am doing much better. If you are indeed actually taking all these meds, it seems likely that you're working with a less than skilled practitioner. Too many doctors keep adding meds to the mix with little understanding of how to really handle the issues.

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