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I too am middle aged only female. I was diagnosed ADD about 3 yrs ago. I have tried Ritalin, Concerta, adderal, and Stratera. I started taking Strat when it was first available. I took it for a little over a month and like you dumped it and went back to Adderal. I experienced the cold sweats approx 1-2 hours after taking it. I was constipated and had a problem with my bladder. The urge to "go" would just come up all of a sudden and I felt like my bladder was ready to explode. However, I would just "tinkle" a little bit. I was sent to a Urologist who could not find anything wrong...Thank God! Anyway, like I said earlier I went off the Strat and back on adderal. I never had the sweats again, the constipation went away and my bladder is getting better. Strattera was not for me. Although everyone is different - what's bad for one may be good for another - Good luck to all in finding the meds that work best for you!

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