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WOW Radiohead!!
What an informative response you gave to all of my concerns. Thank you VERY much!! It was extremely helpful.
Before I go on let me give you more information about my present combo of Remeron/Adderall XR. I went to one of my appts last winter and complained about difficulty with not sleeping through the night and lack of appetite at times. I had lost 10 lbs since I had started the XR and on a 6'3 frame trust me that doesn't look good. So thats when we added the Remeron. One to aid in sleep two it can have the effect of an increased appetite and third that it acts as a mood stablizer the following day after your dosage. It started out as one month on 15 mg then we went to 30 mg. I stayed on that level until probably a couple of months ago. Waking during the night returned so we raised it to 45 mg. Remeron is a wonderful drug. You place it on your tongue and let it dissolve two hrs before bedtime. Then by the time you get to bed your ready to sleep. The most interesting part to me is the next day it acts as a mood stabilizer. Smoothing out the rough edges of Adderall and making for a rather pleasant theraputic effect. After all the trouble I been through with medications I was relieved to find something that worked. I take my adderall once a day and they have me at 30 mg on that.
Weight is still a major concern for me though and that is why I became interested in finding out more about Strattera. I do have another question for you or anyone who may know. What effect if any does cigarette smoking (pack and half a day) and drinking caffiene have on Strattera? I drink probably two to three cokes a day, and maybe two to three cups of coffee in the morning. If anyone can help please let me know.
Radiohead are you presently taking strattera? If you are how long and what has your experience been with the drug. I understand that all people are different and react differently to drugs but I was just curious to see what you have thought of Strattera if you are taking it.

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