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Another quick reply to ksjhwk's post:

Strattera is probably more benign than you worried about. It is related to Prozac - but only in the sense that it came out of Lilly's antidepression program in the 1980's. It has a totally different way of acting on the brain than Prozac does (Prozac modulates Serotonin, while Strattera modulates norepinephrine).

It's interesting that Remeron works for you (I've thought if trying that combination myself!...:-). Remeron does something interesting - it supports your serotonin levels, but stops it from blocking a key pathway in the brain that relates to sexual dysfunction. It also boosts your norepinephrine levels, in a slightly different way than Strattera does.

If you switch Adderall for Strattera, you'll lose some of the boosting you get of dopamine (one of the neurotransmitters modulated by Adderall by not by Strattera). Dopamine is known to increase libido, and aid in erections. So, switching to Strattera might lower your ability to "perform" in the short term. But you might recover that ability after you wean off adderall (takes a 1-2 weeks). But I would be very surprised if Strattera was as bad for as Prozac - prozac's serotonin reuptake features is known to cause lots of sexual issues, and again, Strattera works in a totally different fashion.

Please note - I'm totally speculating here - don't take my words as a rule - everyone responds very differently to medications, and you should talk to your doctor for sure. As you'll see on the side effects label on any medication, there are millions of people who have totally unpredicatable responses.

Best of luck,


[quote]Originally posted by ksjhwk:
[b]Hello All I am a NEWBY to the board but I need help!!
I am a 40 yrs old male and have known about my ADHD since I was 6. The thing I didn't know until I was in my early 30's was that it can and often does follow you into adulthood. I found out this bit of information after recieving treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. It wasn't surprising to learn that people with ADHD have addiction problems. SO I began exploring options of treatment about 8 yrs ago. First I was put on Effexor (BAD experience), so then they tried Prozac (REALLY BAD experience)and finally Ritalin. Not good experience with that either. After three bad experiences with treatment for ADHD I quit all treatment til about a year ago. I was put on Adderall last summer and changed over to the Adderall XR over the winter. I had problems with sleep so I now take 45 mg ofRemeron Solutabs every nite before bed. It acts as a sleep aid at nite and acts as an antidepressant the following day. I have had great results with these two combinations. I don't want to mess up a good thing and good balance that is working for me. Especially after having such horrible experience in the passed with treatments for this disorder.
Strattera has peaked my curiosity lately so, yesterday I did several web searches on this new drug. Still wasn't enough information to help decide whether I should leave Adderall XR and Remeron and check out Strattera. All the information out there was either in terms that I can't really comprehend. I understood I just didn't find any solid answers. Or the information was so vague and general that I didn't get anything out of it. Today I started searching message boards some of what I have read is frightening some of it good. So I'm still undecided.
Actually one of the primary side effects that concerns me is sexual in nature. My wife and I are trying to have children and after experiencing impotence for the last three yrs (Unknown cause and really don't want to get into that) I don't know if I'm willing to try a medication that may bring back my impotence. when I was on prozac for a brief time I experienced sexual difficulties. One of the websites I found yesteday said that Strattera was a cousin of Prozac although it didn't act on the brain quite the same way as Prozac so that scares me too. Prozac for the brief three months I was on it turned me into a raging lunatic and a pathetic lover in bed.
I was hoping Strattera was the answer to me getting off stimulants but I just don't know now. I am 6'3 and struggle with maintaining my weight of 150 lbs. I have a fast metabolism and have never been able to gain the recommended weight for my height. IF there was something out there not as harsh as stimulants I was willing to look into it.
My next appt with my Dr is June 25 I was hoping to have enough information gathered by then to make an informed decision.
If anyone has been on it a significant amount of time (like three to four months and their male I would love to hear from them)
Just sign me confused in KC! :)

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