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Re: Wellburtin
Jun 15, 2003
Yes I take it for AD/HD along with adderall xr. The combo keeps everything very smooth and I don't have any 'crash'.

One of the reasons why wellbutrin probably works well for me is, everyone on my dad's side smokes or used to smoke (for more than 3 generations) so I obviously have some genetic make-up with nicotine. When I quit smoking that's when my AD/HD symptoms became increasingly bad and Wellbutrin is used to help quit smoking via Zyban (same drug) so that's probably why Wellbutrin works so well for me.

However, I quit smoking cold turkey and didn't smoke for about a year before I started Wellbutrin so I wouldn't know how it truly helps to quit smoking.

Wellbutrin is kinda like Strattera on small doses but with higher doses it effects dopamine and Strattera does not. You just have to try it and see just like any other med, Strattera didn't work well for me as does Wellbutrin so there obviously is a difference.
Re: Wellburtin
Jun 15, 2003
I'm the opposite. Strattera is working for me, where Wellbutrin didn't. I was taking Wellbutrin for depression, but it did absolutley nothing for my ADD symptoms. I was smoking when I was taking Wellbutrin, then magically just didn't want to anymore. I later found out that it is also used to help people quit smoking under the name of Zyban, as help mentioned. Shocked me. Anyway, I'm no longer on any anti-depressants. Strattera is the first and only drug that I have tried for ADD, and so far it is working great, with no undesirable side effects. I also have taken lots of meds for Bipolar, and I've had some doozies of side effects.

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