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I will link more information for those who are interested, but I will get to the point with my ADD issues, since this is the group.
My adrenals may add to my brain fog, but I suspect the main offender is my GI issues. In fact, many ADD suffers have GI/food allergy problems. But my diet is so healthy. I have already done the eliminations, so its especially perplexing.

In fact, I suspect the herbal supplements do not help as much because of poor absorption.

Basically I have a pretty high gpa in college, im a student, a junior, my gpa is about a 3.25. I even have a very successful research project on my resume. But, there is a catch to my success, and it is one that is ruining my life.

I have almost non stop intense brain fog, lack of motivation, and ADD, (and up till recently, uncontrollable depression and anxiety). In high-school I almost always procrastinated things Because of this, I am unable to learn material in the class during the day when I am so fatigued mentally and physically. I cannot reliably pay attention and deal with customers/etc. It is so severe I am unable to talk to or meet people at school during the day; I am just too out of it. I make up for this by spending a great deal of time outside of class relearning. My brain only seems to turn on at about 8:30 pm at night. My brain especially seems normal if I get up at about 5 am, I feel great clarity, until my extreme fatigue hits at 8 a.m. Because of this over the last 10 years, I have always resorted to doing my important assignments during the night. Once again though, that creates problems for having day classes, and day jobs.until the very last minute. Back then I just felt ashamed, I had no clue what genuine ADD entailed.

It is perhaps by the grace of God that I am intelligent to begin with, because it has allowed me to get by, where someone else with this level of debilitating ADD would have suffered greatly. I truly am thankful to have the level of cognitive function I have, but I am finally coming to realization of what I am about to face. An angry employer for a 40-60k a year job, asking me why I get 45 minutes of work done between 9 am and 5 pm.

I get by, by with a great deal of caffeine and last minute cramming, but I feel like I never retain this information, as if I never learned it. I did this on a daily basis for a while, but it really wore on my health. I can write well because it organizes my thoughts, but listening to people in detail or trying to speak to people or learn math requires my brain to be sharp and able to bring all the information to the front of my mind at once. Yet, I feel like I constantly forget things mid-sentence...

I believe one reason I have ADD, is because I have less dopamine receptors, a commonly held theory, but I also suspect other influences. There is a high prevalence throughout my family of prescription pill abuse and alcoholism, which suggest some underlying genetic defects in our reward systems. I suspect I have low levels of serotonin/endorphins/oxytocin, or blockages in the way they work within the brain, but some things "unblock" this. I have found that in the past a combination of white table sugar, large amounts of coffee, rhodiola, and exercise, and being out in the sun in the early morning, seem to "open" my creativity/drive.

I am wondering, does anyone seem to have ADD, that decides on certain times of the day to be so severe? I am also trying to find natural and herbal alternatives to adderall/ritalin, because I do not believe they are a working long term solution. Just herbal supplements and no medication. The only thing I have read that I predict would help is an extended release of adderall known as focaline.

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