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I have a nearly 17 year old son who has been on ritalin, adderall, and adderall xr (diagnosed ADHD in 1st grade). Things were ok until he started a "late puberty". This, along with trying different dosages of xr prescribed by our pediatrician cause some major problems...this included impulsive behavior that lead to some legal problems. Fortunately he had never had any other problems with behavior or law so he was allowed to do many hours of community service and pay restitution for his "crime". We changed to a psychiatrist for closer monitoring of his meds. This was the best thing we could do!
He went from 20 mg adderall xr, to 30, then 40. Between 30 and 40 we saw frightening signs of depression, extreme irritability, crying...all this from a kid that was always happy, even at the not to great times. We really thought we were losing our son. We started on 40mg Straterra 1 1/2 weeks ago...and now are at 80, taken at night.
I am almost afraid to mention the fact that he is the nicest kid again (even though he is grounded for a week for leaving the house after we went to bed one night, pre-straterra), even gives me a hug and kiss on a daily basis! He smiles and has conversations that are not bating us for an argument.
We were not sure if the pre-Strattera behavior was who our son would become, but having read all the postings that mention the better moods and reduced irritabilty I am feeling like this is the Straterra working.

I like the Straterra for the fact that he can remember to take it when he brushes his teeth at night.
He is regaining weight that he had lost...he was 6'1" 135 and is already up to 142. We are very happy so far, but as usual, if you have had an adhd kid for as many years as I have, you are reluctant to speak to soon.

One more thing, to those of you trying to do without medication for your teen...please, please be vigilant in trying to keep up with what your teen is doing and who he is hanging out your teen exhibits the need for exciting behavior, he will attract others who are looking for the same. From experience I have to say that this is not a good mix! My son was not medicated at the time of his problem with the law and we did not know his new friend well..the rest is history!


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