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Strattera and Teens
May 30, 2003
This is my first posting. I have a 13 1/2 yr old son who we just started on Strattera. He has ADHD/Impulsivity. He is extremely bright but two months ago started unraveling with school grades starting to slip. Was on honor roll and high honor roll all year until this final marking period. more moody, trouble sleeping etc. Also being sidelined by friends...behavior is annoying. Started in 1st grade on Ritalin, tried Adderall..but made him depressed, went to Concerta in 5th grade and worked with 36 mg for the past several years. 54 mg made him depressed. This is my last hope as school is getting more difficult and he can't find, remember or stick with anything...any advice to share during the Stattera changeover?

My son is almost 11 and had been on 54 mg of Concerta from June 2001 until March of this year. Concerta worked great for all of his ADHD symptom until about January, when his impulsivity seemed to become a problem again. Plus, on the Concerta he hadn't gained any weight over a period of 8 months, and he rarely fell asleep until well after 11 pm. So, in March we switched him to 40 mg of Strattera. It helped tremendously for his eating and sleeping habits (he gained 5 lbs the first two weeks he was on it, and went to bed nightly between 9-10 pm), but he seemed really scattered in his thoughts. After 6 weeks on the Strattera, he stopped it and used Ritalin for a week or so. The evening let down time kept him pretty wired and he seemed really anxious, but his behavior in school was great. So, the doctor reintroduced the Strattera in conjunction with the two doses of Ritalin per day. The Strattera seems to minimize the Ritalin's evening let down and help his anxiety level, and he's still eating and sleeping pretty well. And his behavior in school has been excellent. For us, right now, the Strattera/Ritalin combination seems to be working. It's been three weeks so far...we'll see how things go.

I've been concerned about the possibility of male side effects (from what I've been reading) in a boy about to hit puberty. Don't know if there's a right answer to it all or not... But, as you mentioned, my son can't function successfully without it. It's a shame the Concerta inhibits appetite and sleep because it was a life altering miracle for our son (and family). Maybe when he starts middle school (in Sept) we'll try Concerta again since he'll have to be up so early--who knows?!?! It's a shame our boys have the impulsivity part of ADHD--it's the most annoying part of the disorder to others, especially friends. Maturity will help some, I hope. I've been told the peer issues tend to improve gradually as they get older. So, your son is also doing the Strattera/Ritalin combo? How is it working for him?
Sorry I didn't check my posting sooner...thanks for the reply. My son(13) has been on strattera and Ritalin for not quite three weeks.
My son after one night of great sleep...(because we didn't use the concerta) didn't want to use it anymore. I didn't realize that Strattera took up to a month to kick in so I let him go to school one day with just Strattera. After one day of off the wall rebound behavior at school I added 15 mg of Ritalin once a day. Hate to say it but had about a months supply left from a previous prescrip. My doctor wanted to do a wean down off the Concerta but my son had had enough. So after a couple of days of feeling like he is in a fog the ritalin with the Strattera seems ok...I will let you know as the weeks go on. Somedays I want to take him completely off but as you said the impulsivity is what is the problem...with friends, talking etc. Also even when he is free of meds he doesn't sleep so if strattera is having a plus it is in the sleep area and in some ways he is less hyper...maybe due to being more rested. Hopefully you get this reply and I will share again..thanks

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