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My son is almost 11 and had been on 54 mg of Concerta from June 2001 until March of this year. Concerta worked great for all of his ADHD symptom until about January, when his impulsivity seemed to become a problem again. Plus, on the Concerta he hadn't gained any weight over a period of 8 months, and he rarely fell asleep until well after 11 pm. So, in March we switched him to 40 mg of Strattera. It helped tremendously for his eating and sleeping habits (he gained 5 lbs the first two weeks he was on it, and went to bed nightly between 9-10 pm), but he seemed really scattered in his thoughts. After 6 weeks on the Strattera, he stopped it and used Ritalin for a week or so. The evening let down time kept him pretty wired and he seemed really anxious, but his behavior in school was great. So, the doctor reintroduced the Strattera in conjunction with the two doses of Ritalin per day. The Strattera seems to minimize the Ritalin's evening let down and help his anxiety level, and he's still eating and sleeping pretty well. And his behavior in school has been excellent. For us, right now, the Strattera/Ritalin combination seems to be working. It's been three weeks so far...we'll see how things go.

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