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[img][/img] Hello Everyone,
It's me, B! Im 14 for those who don't know. Im creating my first "log" for you all to see. I would like you all to reply to it and tell me what I should add or what information is insignificant. I realize this first post is long but I will shorten it as I get suggestions. Here goes; I hope it helps you all:
Weekends: My family from another state has come and we are having a party for fathers day. I took my strattera (60mg) at night so I don't have much of an appetite. I also take Luvox (25mg) before bed but that has no side effects.
Monday: My aunt (whom is bipolar) seems to cause alot of "misunderstandings." I am extremely annoyed with her like always (not sure if I am more annoyed because of my ADD or not?!)!? We go to see my new cousin and I am very mellow and tired. I took my strattera in the morning that day instead because it was giving me cold sweats. We hold a cook-out at our house and for the most part goes well.
Tuesday: A fairly boring day. Not much that I did. I waited to take my strattera and luvox til bed because the side effects interfered with my day too much. The cold sweats wore off.
Wednesday: Another plain day. Took meds at bed again.
Thursday: Went to a amusement play area with my younger sisters and cousins (ages 1-12). It was overwhelming because of so many kids. I went and mini golf with my oldest sister (12). Took meds at bed. Watched movies with mom and dad at night time.
Friday: Early morning we wish our family (from the other state) goodbye and hope that they make it home safe. It's hard for me and I cry. I miss their 2 youngest children because they are attached to me and visa versa. I spend the rest of the day "hanging out" with my dad, and then eat dinner over at a friends house. Take meds before bed.
Night, Night! Sorry this took til so late to get on the board. :) Please reply with thoughts and suggestions.

~~Forgot to mention: Monday I read for an hour straight and this is thanks to the strattera. Usually I can't read for more than a few minutes because the ADD causes my eyes to physically hurt and I usually impulsivly interrupt other peoples conversation (this time I didn't even notice the conversations around me). Strattera is working great and helps me focus better.

~*~ :bouncing: B :bouncing: ~*~

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