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Hi there

Im really glad I found this site. Ive been searching for a community that has actual ppl who deal with Add, ADHD vs people who just want to abuse the medications.

short history on me: I was diagnosed three years ago when I finally stopped being in denial that I was having problems focusing etc. diagnosed 100% and was on 20mg adderall XR for 7mos, then to 30mg and have been there since then, almost two full years. I honestly feel like its working just as well as the first few months but have been worried lately from some posts on this site and others about the effectivness waring off, and you just keep upping the dose...for some reason when I try to get info from my doc about what is considered an "average" dose for a person on adderall, or what an incredibly high dose would be they don't give me straight answers, which i understand I know there's a lot of people who abuse it.

My life has been so much better since i was diagnosed and treated for ADHD, I have recovered from diabulimia an Eating Disorder prevalent in type 1 diabetics, i am taking care of my diabetes and have been able to finally hold down a job and follow my passions without "flaking out". It scares me to think this happiness with my focus and ability to finish things is temporary and that without the meds im hopeless :(

It would really help me to know how long some of you have been on meds, if you have to keep raising the dose or if you've found a dose that you've maintained for a long period of time. Id also like to know if there's anyone out there who has a higher dose than 30mg of adderall xr, my doc says that's the highest dose but i don't know if she was telling em the truth...

I do try to take a vacation from adderall if i can, but my life has been full of amazing opportunities in the past year and I want to be able to "show up" for life so the days I haven't taken it have been less than a handful.

Any advice on all this would be so appreciated
I can't see how doctors could possibly give you an a meaningful approximation to your questions "what is considered an average dose or what an incredibly high dose would be?"

40mg is recommended maximum dose of Adderall for ADHD. Psychiatrists do prescribe if necessary doses over 40mg; 60mg, 80mg, rarely more.

On the other end of dosing spectrum, as little as 5mg works wonders for some.

The average? Beats snot out of me.

IMHO, incredibly high doses are in excess of 100 mg/day.

Do not worry about tolerance at all. Given that the med continues to work well after three years of nearly continuous use, you may find a lower dose works just as well.

Don't worry. Be happy. Enjoy a functional brain. Nothing like a brain running within specs, eh? (My Canadian friends taught me "eh?" It so cool, eh? Damn, eh?)

Our advantage: People that haven't experienced brain bugs don't appreciate bugless brains. We do.


I forget how long for me - 7 or 8 years. I've been on doses between 10mg and 60mg. Currently prescribed 40. Sometimes I take less because I forget. I forget because I haven't taken the med yet. So how the hecks can I remember to take meds that enable me to remember? Huh? (Huh is eh translated into Jerseyish which is English screwed real good) :D

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