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Hi! I am 21 y.o. diagnosed ADHD 2 months ago. First off let me explain my history. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. My dr put me on one med and I cant even remember what it was by now. After i was on that med for a while i began to get worse, higher anxiety and worse depression. My dr decided I wasn't bipolar, he just assumed i was just depressed. He put me on at least 5 different meds in the 1.5 yrs I was seeing him, starting with prozac then lexapro then selexa abilify combo and a few more. Nothing worked for me, once I turned 18 he wouldn't let me come back as his patient cuz he could only prescribe to minors? So I went to my family doc and explained what was going on. He put me on pristiq which only made my anxiety worse (induced panic attacks) so he added xanex too. Then seroquel which I had horrible side effects the next day (vertigo and nausea). back on selexa (which of course didnt work) and 2 or 3 more anti-depressants. After trying at least 10 different meds (including ambien which only made me hallucinate-did not help me fall asleep or keep me asleep) i told him i was stealing my bfs adderall and I wanted to try my own rx. he was hesitant about letting me try it. We went through a bipolar check list to make sure I didn't have any manic urges then he gave in. I started on the 10 mg of Adderall (amphetamine salt tabs) took that for 2 weeks and all it did was give me a bad headache (no positive effects), so dr switched me to Ritalin generic 10 mg which had no effect whatsoever. then back on the adderall to 20 mg. after 2 weeks of being on the 20s im just getting the headaches again. I'm spacey to the point i'm in the middle of talking to you and all the sudden i have forgotten what i was saying and why it was important. The words wont form in my head and i have difficulty explaining anything, and i am super tired no matter what i do. I have tried all kinds of vitamins from A to Z :( plus bipolar meds, depression/anx meds, now ADHD meds. what I dont understand is why MY adderall doesnt work on me or my bf (i also had my bf guinea pig one or two) but his pills still work just fine for both of us... they are both Amphetamine Salt tabs 20 mg from manufacturer BARR/Teva. The only difference was that i went to CVS and he gets his overseas (like through his medical insurance). My pharmacist at CVS told me there is no medical reason why the same pill can have different effects based on where i get them. I dont believe her. What do I do now? do I just wait till rx runs out then get one mailed overseas, or should i just up the dosage, or should i try something else completely? NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

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