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My 9yo son has been on the Strattera since late February I beleive. We have had some very up & down days there in the beginning. But waited it out. He was on Adderall Xr for a couple of years. I wanted to try tthe Strattera because he was so verbally aggressive and physicallly here at home and thought perhaps the stimulant increased this. Well, I dont know if that was the case..but immediately he was able to sleep at night, and fall asleep without help from another medicine. He also seems to eat better. His teacher and I started passing the "red book" which basically she scores him on a scale of 1-10. THis week he got Five 10's in a row.!!!!!!!! Wow.....Is this due to his medicine...?I beleive the non stim has helped... Aslo alot of prayers are going up. Right now I am going to keep him on the Strattera for hte time being....he has actually been invited to 2 birthday parties recently...something which just didnt happen before, eeither. Oh yeah...she rates him on if he talks back, has to sit on the bench at recess, how he gets along with the otherkids, and if the other kids come up and tell on him for this & that.

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