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My son has been on Straterra for 2 months now (diagnosed at age 5- 95% range). He is 11 yrs and weighed 64 lbs at the start dispensing 40 mg per day. The first week was good-he finally slept! Now he's 69 lbs and has increased to 54 mg due to the fact that the Strat was helping him to become much more functional, but was not addressing his hyperactivity. Dr. said they had just learned that the lower dose was responsible for that. His tics have diminished (although we are still in line to see a nuerologist who specializes in ADHD), although the snorting, spitting, are back but has been diagnosed with a sinus infection. It's either that or we're back sliding-hopefully not! It's nice to have my son back-no edginess and sharpness in his personality since he's off stimulants. Am in the process of taking him off Wellbutrin (Dr. said not a good mix)so we are hoping fot the best. Can't really tell for sure if the Starterra is totally responsible for happier child since I was also able to put him in S.E. at school to help remove anxiety). Hopefully, we can now better address his other issues-coordination disorder. (still learning about that one.) But like most of you-just glad to be off stimulants-he's happier sensing he has better control over himself.

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