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I don't want to be rude to mickimack and I don't say this to offend you or insult your opinion, but as an adult who has fairly severe adhd and was undiagnosed until age 21 I can honestly say that your research and concepts are missing the fundamental point in some ways.

I don't care if they've proven ADD exists or not or who beleives whom. I'm not on either side of the picket line. I'm not interested in the semantic distinctions between theory and hypothesis. I don't have the resources mentally or financially to navigate through the jungle of alternative medicine and afford behavioral optometry, eco-friendly dentistry and whatever other novel ADD treatments are being pushed this week.

I do care that I am able to wake up in the morning and feel like i'll be able to get to work on time and do my job well enough so that I don't get fired. I do care that my family and people who love me and are very worried about me will be able to look at me with some modicum of pride rather than pity because I just can't get my life together. I do care that I can organize my life in a way that lets me beleive I have some hope for the future. That I can smile. That I can have a normal relationship with another human being. That I don't feel completely lost.

I can assure you that ADD is PAINFULLY real. I can also assure you that an effective treatment is not a scientific curiosity for me and I don't care who's big ego claims victory in the great academic debate.

I will gladly trade a life of complete chaos for a few side effects that, even if harmful, pale in comparison, at least for me, to the pain of the disorder itself.

I can't speak for every child with ADD or every family that has to make the difficult decisions that go along with a diagnosis, (one of those being whether or not to believe the dignosis at all). I can't and neither can you.

So if you have some intelligent advice for me than by all means I'm listening. But I'm not interested in your righteousness.

I could not agree more to the fact that ADHD is highly over diagnosed. But it does excist. I have severe ADHD combined type. It affects everything. It is not just about not being able to concentrate or having a hard time at school. It is about moods, desicions, your brain etc. The whole medication thing is a debate. But remember: about 85% of unmedicated ADHD kids will develope a substance abuse problem. But I do not know if I would medicate my kids and I have it.

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