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Hi again,

Thought I'd add to the conversation some quotes from a Ph.D on the subject of ADD/ADHD. Food for thought.

"A research report in the Archives of General Psychiatry states, "Cocaine, which is one of the most reinforcing and addicting of the abused drugs, has pharmacological actions that are very similar to those of methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta), which is now the most commonly prescribed psychotropic medicine for children in the U.S."

The long term outcome for children is another story that has often been overlooked.

A report on a comprehensive follow-up study at Montreal Children's Hospital discovered that “at the end of five years, hyperkinetic children who received drugs (either Ritalin or Chloropromazine) did not differ significantly from children who had not received the drugs. Although it appeared that hyperactive kids treated with Ritalin were initially more manageable, the degree of improvement and emotional adjustment was essentially identical at the end of five years to that seen in a group of kids who had received no medication at all.”

Known side effects for stimulants are weight loss, insomnia, reduced stature, ticks, "zombie" demeanor, stomach aches, moodiness and death.

But, the research is clear that for some kids stimulants can be helpful, at least in the short term. But, no one would claim they cure ADHD. It is clear that the effect wears off when the drug wears off. It just controls the symptoms. Kids do not out grow ADHD and ADD. Stimulants merely postpone dealing with the real behavioral and attentional problems. "

Again, my opinion is my own but when there is millions of children involved there really has got to be something we can do......


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