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I have been reading this and other strings for a few days now. I would like to contribute what I can. There are many Strattera groups out there, so please direct anyone you think this might help back here.

I started Strattera about a week ago. At first I noticed I was up some at night. No nausea or headaches, but I did have some of the sexual side affects.

***GRAPHIC PART***The sexual side effects were the most noticable. At times I suffered an inability to get an erection. (This was not always a problem) Ejaculation was less "forceful" and of less quantity than normal. It was often out of sync with "climax". I have ejaculated before feeling the "climax". After ejaculation, I did have some testicular discomfort. I would not call it real pain. I had a feeling of pressure that was uncomfortable, but not disabling. It felt like I had not erleased all the semen I was supposed to, and that it had backed up.***

I also had some irregularity in urination. There were a few times when I gould not go despite the definate feeling of needing to. Other times getting to the toilet was a definate emergency. Also, when I did urinate, there were times when it seemed there was always a little more to get out. I also occasionally had some of what seemed to be semen follow the urine.

Most of that has subsided. I still have some sleep problems, but it works out for me. I go to bed later than I used to, and then I get a full day's work. I do not get tired during the day (I get some some caffiene).

Good News! Overall, I feel as if I can concentrate and stay on task more than ever before, all without being high. Ritalin did little for me. Adderall helped, but somedays I felt really high. I am a teacher, and it was obvious that some of my students observed this. I could tell from the way they looked at me they thought I was on something.

Since I started Strattera, I have been involved in a work project that is the worst case for someone with ADD. I had to set my own goals, have no timeline, no supervision and plenty of opportunity for distraction. However, I have accomplished more than I thought I could. I really feel focused and able to stay on task.

In the beginning I considered stopping Strattera, but I am not sure now. I will see my doctor again next week. This will be before I have completed my entire sample of the med. I will see how the side effects go before that and then decide.

Some of the things I have noticed may be a factor for some people.

First, the sample my doctor gave me included a lower dose to get used to the drug. Since the packet was labled day by day, it is possible that each pill had a small increase in dosage. It seems that several people writing in have had problems; however, they did not indicate that they had this initial dose. COuld be that problems came from too much too soon

If you are feeling tired, consider this. If you have been taking traditional ADD meds, you have just come off a heavy stimulant. You might be tired until your body gets used to not having that kick.

I have noticed some people on the groups I have read say that they still seem to have trouble getting organized. One person in particular said she had a desk full of work and couldn't get it organized (tips below). We need to remember that there is no MAGIC pill. Many of us have learned bad habits over the years. It was a catch 22. ADD made us develop bad habits, and our bad habits made the effects of the ADD worse. We need to learn to organize ourselves; Strattera just makes this possible.

Find a book on organization and try to follow it.
Get with a support group and learn some good habits.

Don't try to tackle a mountain. If you have a desk full of paper, or some momentous project, you have to break it down. This is hard because we who have ADD tend to be "whole picture" people. This is because we could never sit still or concentrate long enough to see the small parts. Take the project a piece at a time. If necessary write out a plan. ( I know boring)
Most succesful people I know are planners and list makers who consistantly follow a plan.

For the lady with the desk, make it a policy (turn it into a habit) to NEVER pick up a piece of paper without taking care of it. Don't just move it; complete it, answer it, file it solve it, dispose of it. Little by little you will discover there is this cool top to your desk.

Good luck

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