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I'm new to this discussion and new to taking Strattera. I'm 45 years old and have known and been in treatment for ADHD for many years. I've been on Strattera for about three weeks now and relate to the the various effects and side effects talked about in this discussion. What strikes me most is that participants are being given high initial doses and are experiencing strong reactions, both good and bad. The sample package I was given by my doctor included capsles for the first four days that were 18mg each, to be followed by 25mg capsles for the next couple of weeks. I also take Prozac at 20 mg/day, which is mataballized in the same emzyme pathway as Strattera. This means that the half-life for the Strattera will be longer than if I did not take Prozac. No one has been able to tell me how large the synergistic effect is or can be. My doctor and I anticipated that I would go up to at least 40mg/day of Strattera. Instead I have gone back down to 18mg becuase the side effects of poor sleep and daytime tiredness where too strong. I am getting good results including an increased ability to focus. It is too early to tell if I will stay at 18mg or go up again after (hopefully) the negative effects go away. We have all had ADD/ADHD for many years. How about taking a few extra weeks or months to try this new medications gradually. When I take a new psych med I am always full of hope and fear and it is difficult to tell what the meds is really doing separate from my emotions. I like to take a small dose for long enough that I kind of forget about it and then evaluate it then. It's like trying to catch a glimpse of yourself in a shop window as you pass by. You try to see yourself "objectively" as if it was someone else looking at you. Taking 40mg/per day to start, even if that is the target dose, does not seem prudent. Remember, for all the nueropsychiatrists know about the brain, they don't know much about how these meds really work.

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