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Hello to everyone on this board. I have been watching this post for 2 weeks now and thought it was time to come on board.
My name is Bruce and i have add but only found out 4 months ago. I'm 47 years old and like some of you mad that they didn't catch it sooner. I have taken Wellbutrin,Celexa,and now started last tuesday Strattera 10 mg. twice a day. yes i toss and turn trying to go to sleep and then waking up at 3am almost every morning.
Tomorrow going back to doctor and getting bigger dose as i feel almost nothig except tired and first day felt a little high,but no headaches.
I'm just glad i now know that the stupid life i have lead is now add as i thought how i lived life was "normal".
Oh, one last thing. I'm still not married as no one yet will put up with me for very long. Oh well, here's to the future.
Hi guys, I'm a newbie to the board. I am on day 2 of Strattera, and I am hopeful, and relieved by your posts.

I was diagnosed 2 years ago which caused my first major depression sparked off by my grief...yay! I had always wanted to be a doctor, and now I am kicked out of school for a year (on my 7th, for my BA in Sociology) for bad grades. I have yet to take advantage of the disability accomadations I am allowed to use there. I am taking to opportunity of this year off to work and try out new meds until I find one that works for me, to help me with depression, anxiety, and ADD.

I have temporal lobe and cingulate system ADD, with hyper-vigilance and so I was told not to be put on a stimulant without a mood stabilizer (i.e. anti-epileptic drug) first. I ignored that advice with dire consequences.

These are my meds to date, and my experiences:

Celexa: worked ok, not great, sex. probs, and severe cold turkey withdrawal symptoms.

Wellbutrin: caused panic attacks and a psychotic episode. It appears that that type of stimulant was extremely bad for me.

Prozac: 1st time it saved my life. I used it during my major depression and once I hit 60 mg, I turned around. sex probs only side effect. Second time, it did nothing for me, but cause me severe anxiety to the point of not being able to leave my bed. Just shows how meds can work differently for the same person at different times. Great huh?

Paxil: Did not help my depression nor my anxiety. Sex probs. and urination hestitation. Fun. Severe sleepiness. I am now going off of it! Yay!

Depakote: No known side effects. Also I don't know what it does for me, but I assume it does something good, I don't feel any different.

Ritalin and Adderall: I abused it and it made me insane and anorexic. This was caused by my need for the mood stabilizer. Focus was better, but not worth the price.

Strattera: Just started, PLEASE GOD WORK FOR ME!!

My insurance wouldn't cover Strattera, but my doctor said that with my problems with anxiety, they will cover it at his request.

The last two days I felt exactly like I took some Benadryl (even my sinuses feel like it.) I am more calm, more alert, but still spacy? Also I have noticed some slight paranoia/sensitivity to my environment. I have no appetite which I LOVE. I also have been waking up early in the morning which I NEVER do.

What dosing time of the day works best for you guys? I will be taking it twice a day...

Thank you guys for all your useful information :)

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