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Welcome Dulce. I think I had the same attitude you have when I was first diagnosed with ADD Ė I think I focused too much on the past and I wish I hadnít. I was sooo mad at the world Ė I kept thinking about what a difference knowing I had ADD earlier would have made. Anyway I am ready to move forward. I am really glad I found this site Ė it makes me feel better and plus I know I am not alone. Itís really hard for my family and friends to understand me so I am going out and buying them all books on ADD Ė LOL!!!
One book I am going to pick up is You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid Or Crazy?! By Kate Kelly, Peggy Ramundo. Jason I will also look at the book you mentioned Ė thanks!

Today is my 4th day taking Strattera Ė I donít know if I can say I am focusing better Ė I wish I was feeling like you Jason. I am not sleepy anymore but I donít know if thatís b/c I am taking Provigil (itís for people with narcolepsy Ė they are treating some ADD patients with it to help them stay alert). Anyway, last night I felt like I was wired. My first couple of days on Strattera I was knocked out Ė I woke up a couple of times but was able to go back to bed with no problem. Last night I couldnít sleep at all. I kept looking at the clock Ėit was horrible!!!

Jason I am with you as far as wanting to do things now. I woke up this morning and I actually wanted to work out Ė yes something I normally never think about. I called some friends and we are going to go walking tonight if it doesnít rain (I live in NYC) if not I will use my expansive hanger that is really a treadmill. I think I am making better decisions with the food I eat as well.

One problem I have is still at work I canít get the job done!! I am an Office Manager for an Investment Banking firm. My desk is still a mess and I start one project and jump to the next with out finishing the first one. I think I am maybe just trying to do too much too soon. I have to learn is how to prioritize!! My bosses must think I like feeling stressed or overwhelmed b/c thatís the only time I get something done. I know thatís bad. Anyway I could go on forever but I wonít. I am going to run out the book store.
Canít wait to hear how your day was.

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