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See...that's the thing! You mention depression, and he uses that in his prime example for not giving it to me. He said he had a good friend who also was a patient whom he had prescribed Dexedrine..and it triggered much so that his friend ended up killing himself. I'm sure his reluctance to prescribe a stimulant based med is more out of grief than anything else...but could the two be linked? I'm afraid to play with only issue is ADHD and I'd like to keep it that way if possible..but both Ritalin and Dexedrine WORKED when I was a kid - like a charm!

Anyway. Had a little constipation this morning - the first of many side effects I've heard associated with Strattera.. I didn't even go to the bathroom yesterday..probably not related, although I've been a regular daily patron to the best seat in the mens room for months until I started the Strattera..

If the sexual side effects kick in, I'm done with it. I read a message from some guy named George on google groups that sexual dysfunction is almost guaranteed given the fact that Strattera binds itself to lipids (fats) -- and that semen along with the whole tract down there is full of it.. Anyone had this happen yet?

The cynic in me says that Lilly is pushing this new creation to make up for past business losses and may not be so up front about the inevitiability of some of the side effects..

Is there anyone who has been on Strattera for a LONG more than 2-3 months? I know it just came out this year..

Thanks! ;)

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