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I have inattentive ADD, no H, and I take adderall and it works great for me. I've been on it for about 15 years. I take 20 mgs, twice a day to start off with. Within 6-9 months I lower the afternoon dose to 10 mgs, and then lower the morning dose another 6-9 months after that. If I don't lower the dose in those intervals, then my symptoms come back worse than before! Some people confuse that with tolerance and increase their dosage, which almost never works....

ANYWAY.... that's just something I've learned over the past several years of going on and off of adderall (I have had to quit when I've been pregnant and nursing).

Also, Adderall XR does NOT work for all people! It can cause severe symptoms (extreme anger and mood swings being the most common) in some people.

Other things I've learned just in the past few years....

The company who made the really crappy but most distributed generic adderall back in the day now makes the brand name adderall as well (the original brand adderall makers sold us out!). Brand name adderall today is crap for a lot of people.... some people like it, but it's really NOT worth the money! The best generic adderall today, the one that is closest to the original formula, is made by Eon labs, which is owned by Sandoz.... not sure which of those names is more significant, but they're both worth mentioning if you are going to ask for that particular generic. The pills come with an E and the number.... can't remember the exact number, but I think it's 407 or something like that, and the other side is scored with a cross cut.

Anyway.... you should be able to go into your doc and tell him concerta isn't working (tell him it makes you feel blah, and doesn't help with concentration at all), and that you've done a lot of researching and asking around and that you would like to try adderall. Any reasonable doc should be willing to work with you on that one. :)

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