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Hey everyone,

I'd like to tell you about my struggles and, tell me if you can relate to them as a person diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

About myself:
When i'm really focused, my leg gets really fidgety... i'm fidgity right now writing this.
-when i was a kid my mom used to say i have 0 concentration
-when i was older she says i'm really slow
-my aunt nicknamed me a tortoise.

My Academic Struggle (i bring this up because the DR said that people with ADD/ADHD usually fail highschool):
Grade 10: obtained 50% in math.
Grade 11: failed chemistry and physics, 54% in math 11
Grade 12: Marks Skyrocketed to a 75% average from C-'s and D's and F's... because Grade 12 marks counted towards university. Took physics 12 (56%), math 12(70%), biology 12(80%+),History 12(80%+), English 12(75%-79%). These percentages are based on memory. It is like i can only succeed if pressured, in this case making the cut into university.

Made it into university, failed a few courses but instead of going into my 3rd year of math, i transferred into 2nd year engineering. My math background helped me just barely pass with marks averaging 55%, no failed courses. Third year, first semester, i hated the subjects we were covering. I studied harder than in second year, where 1st and 2nd year were known as the "weed-out" years. I was the only person in my program to fail and get kicked out, i know this because the classes consist of only 35 people.

I always miss my credit card payments and have a major procrastination problem in the sense that i'm typing this out instead of paying what i'm due. I volunteered for an engineering intership job because i didn't bother looking for a paying job during the school year.

I went to a clinic to get a referral to a psychiatrist and the doctor asked me if i ever got in trouble with the authorities. ROFL man, come on... just because you have ADD doesn't mean you are going to beat up random people. I brought this up because i want to admit that i'm not impulsive and i always think through what i say, unless it is with people im comfortable with, that is normal right? I only get into fights with my mom because she is a real control freak, not ADD related. I get along fine with everyone and so do my friends with ADD.

The reason i took math was that it was actually interesting in university, it was extreamely difficult to pay attention to other classes and i always just crammed the material before the exam. I switched to engineering because higher level math turned into some weird philosophical shit like proofs and theorems that no one in the world cares about so i transferred into engineering.

I would like you guys to share your experiences with me and let me know what you think. What do you think is ADD related and what isn't. Am i lying to myself trying to get a positive diagnosis because it would make my life easier? Let me know.

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