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Adderall with xanex
Sep 18, 2011
I have been taking 30mg Adderall tabs for 4 years now, and have been steadily experiencing an increase in anxiety.. I have always had horrible anxiety(probably triggered from my childhood experiences and tragedies) and I am finding myself in a very difficult situation.. I am VERY uneasy mixing Adderall and Alprazolam, which I just started taking (0.5mg/8hr PRN).

The reason why I take the alprazolam is for my "brain incapacitating test anxiety" I experience, while taking crucial tests in nursing school. I recently failed a skills test (first time ever failing a test) and it was the most frustrating, helpless, not to mention, embarrassing felling I
Have felt in a long time. unfortunately, It seems very likely that repeat failures will occur and I was hoping for any advice I can get. I know that I am smart, dedicated and driven to succeed. However, i also know That isn't always a recipe for success. Any advice?
Have you lost weight since you started taking adderall? Are you on XR or regular adderall? Do you take the brand name adderall, or generic (they ARE different, in spite of what the doctors and pharmacists might say!)?

I find that due to, 1.) weight loss, and 2.) my brain is learning how to function properly, I have to decrease my dose after being on adderall for awhile. If I don't, my ADD symptoms get WAY worse, and anxiety crops up BIG TIME.... and I don't normally have anxiety problems! So it's possible that you don't need the xanax at all, if you decrease your adderall dosage. [B]*BUT*[/B] that's just speculation based on a very short description you gave of your situation. Don't make any decisions without first consulting with your doctor!!!

Also, I have NEVER had good luck with XR adderall, or any other extended release drug. If that's what you are on, it's possible you need to switch to a regular pill. Maybe XR worked for you before, but due to whatever, maybe now it's breaking up and releasing too fast in your system (all kinds of body changes happen as time goes by.... any number of things could cause a faster break down of an extended release drug).

And last, I find that taking generic adderall NOW, is more effective than the brand name adderall.... used to be the opposite, but since the original makers of adderall sold the brand to the company who made the generic, brand name adderall sucks! At least for me, and a hundred gazillion other people, it does. Some people don't notice a difference at all. But the generic made by Eon labs, which is owned by Sandoz is a good close to the original formula generic. I find that my ADD symptoms on the brand name adderall fluctuate a lot. I'll have some good days, and a lot of bad days. On the generic, I'm great!

So those are just a few random speculations that popped into my brain as I read your post. Hope something here might help! :)

ps - I've been on adderall since 1998-ish. Currently taking 15 mgs twice a day (just decreased from 20 mgs twice a day).
I have been taking 2 20 mg Adderall tabs daily, usually I split them in half so 10 mg every 3 to 4 hours. I do this to avoid that anxiety feeling. Every second 10 mg adderall I take 1 mg of Xanax to avoid being temperamental. I am using my brain a lot daily and multitasking all day. This help me be stable and clear. It took me awhile to get my receipt correct. I monitor myself daily to prevent health issues and only take based on my Dr.'s advise. I don't like full dose (20mg) at once, make me to edgy. Talk to your doc...the idea is to stay focused and level but you know your body better than everyone. Please don't miss use your adderall. I agree go generic, not xr. The Xanax has never been habit forming or hard to stop taking it. Remember we all have different tolerances. Some days I only have to 20 mg of adderall and .5 Xanax. Talk to your dr. Beware of home chemists lol.

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