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[QUOTE=janewhite1;4849134]A Pdoc told you that you don't have ADHD because you can concentrate on some things? Do you actually mean a psychiatrist?

Wow, he has no clue about ADHD. We can concentrate on tasks that are "self-fulfilling," that is, tasks that provide immediate positive feedback. Trouble organizing, trouble starting and trouble finishing things are all CLASSIC adult ADHD.

Now, Jill did give you good advice on getting things done. And for adults, treatment is as much behavioral as drug-based.


1) See a shrink who didn't get his degree out of a crackerjack box

2) If diagnosed, get on meds that work

3) Get organized, develop systems that work

4) If diagnosed, watch for similar symptoms in your children.[/QUOTE]

Thank you for your post! I was seeing a "nurse" who specializes in anxiety/depression. I was seeing her for anxiety related to a chronic physical condition, accident related. But, I'm done with that. I just needed something to get me through the thick of it. During one of those meetings I had mentioned my concern of ADD and she brushed it off quickly. I guess, because I wasn't there for that? Sooo..I called to talk to a real pdoc and if it comes with a side of counseling sessions so be it! that would be fine by me.

All of what Jill wrote was very practical and true, as well. I LOVE making lists. I am a multitasker at heart. I just don't finish the tasks. I put (write) down too many tasks. Not sure what tasks to do first. Oh yeah, that's where I put that list! I have so many "safe" places I put important things! I can't find my postage stamps. Usually I am better oraganized if I'm working.
My home is still cluttery, but I'm more on the go and motivated.

This year is the first year I haven't consistently worked since I was 14yrs old. I'm 37. I lost two jobs this year. Both were not my fault. I can't say they were related to this. But! I did misplace something important of one of bosses once at my last job. That was tough to fess up to. I'm still looking for part-time work.

It seems now I have more time....the harder it is to ...face this issue. I get up every morning and exercise...that gets me moving.

Hoping to get an appointment soon. My aunt on my Mom's side said that a lot of our family has it.(ADD) Except no one is treated. ???? She gave me a couple examples and I can see how I am similar. Also, a friend of mine explained how she felt before and after her treatment. She can stay on task and it's ok with her. Wow. I tried to see her doc but he don't take my insurance. :(

Setting goals. Sharing chores. Setting days for chores. Being consistent. These things I can work on now. Keeping up with the everyday stuff the kids can do, while I peck away at the longer-term, like the front hallway. Lydia, 11yrs old sweeps the stairs all down the hall yesterday :) one day at a time *Sigh* relief*

Tonight is trash night! I love trash night because I can go through and get rid of "stuff". Clean out the fridge.(I do every week) :) clean off the top of the fridge....that's been on the list for 6 months!LOL ok end of post LOL

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