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Re: Straterra
Mar 7, 2003
Hello everyone! I'm new to the board, so please pardon me. I have a 9 1/2 year son, diagnosed (tested and retested) ADHD at age 5 1/2. At 7 he was diagnosed with Type I diabetes and takes insulin injections twice a day. Thankfully, his diabetes is in control and he does really well with that. We first tried ritalin when he was initially diagnosed with the ADHD. It seemed to work okay, but he was having to take a second dose at school and the peaks and valleys were difficult. Then he went to Concerta. It works very well. The peaks and valleys have all but disappeared. It's made school and home life much more enjoyable. Last fall, his teacher said it seemed like the concerta wasn't lasting as long as it should. He was taking 54 mg. avg. about 80 lbs. After consulting with his ped. we decided to try Adderall XR. I saw a change I didn't like at all - much more violent, seemed hell-bent on destroying himself and everyone/thing around him. After 3 weeks I took him off and put him back on the Concerta. Thankfully I still had some left. It's continued to work for us. In Nov. he left his "regular" school and is now attending a school for kids with emotional and other problems. There are 8 kids, and obviously a very low student/teacher ratio. He works on goals and there is a therapeutic component built into his day. We, as parents, are also having sessions with the school counselor to work on things we need to work on. It has really helped and I see a lot of positive improvement. (Well, really, isn't improvement positive anyway?)

I first heard about straterra in the news a few months ago. I was so excited to think about non-stim. meds. The psychiatrist he sees at school didn't think it was a good idea to "experiment" on my son since the med. is so new. Okay, we'll give it some time... But in recent weeks his appetite has plummetted. He's lost 8 pounds and getting him to eat is like...he just keeps saying he's not hungry. He does okay with breakfast, I'm not sure about lunch, though he says he has pizza, hot dogs, fish and fries, etc. Supper can be unbearable. He has to eat to keep his blood sugar up, and then he has to take his evening shot after he eats, not too late, so I can be sure he's not too low to go to bed. My husband took him to the dr. yesterday because he's been sick. Nothing terrible, but just a bad cold. We were concerned about the cough, possible pneumonia, etc. Then the weight issue came up. His ped. said maybe we should try the straterra to help with his weight. I'm not sure the other doc will go for it and he's the one that wants to write all the Rx's for his meds. (It's a pain in butt having to drive 20+ miles to pick up that piece of paper each month!) I've tried to read so many posting tonight about everyone's experiences. My head is swimming and I just don't know where to go with it.

If anyone has any advice (besides flushing my head in the toilet), I'd be extremely grateful. Everyone seems to be so helpful to everyone and right now, I could use a little help. I think after reading so much, what makes me nervous is this whole long adjustment time. Will those bouts of anger and hostility come back and if they do, for how long before we can start to see some improvement?

I have 2 great kids (a 12 year old daughter too) that I love and am very proud of. I just want to do the best I can for both of them. Thanks everybody!

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