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Re: Straterra
Mar 4, 2003
Hi everyone, I'm new to the board. Just read some of the stuff floating around and thought I'd add my two cents' worth.

First of all, the recommended dosage is .5-1.2 mg per kg, so that means that the person who said the dosage should be 1.2 mg per 2.2 pounds was giving the higher end of the range. I don't think anyone should put pressure on someone else because the dose is too low. Don't forget that each person's sensitivity to medication is different--the one mom's child who's doing well on the lower range should stay there unless there's a problem. Let's not forget that this drug is new!

My son just started strattera last week and I absolutely saw no change. As a matter of fact, his classic ADHD symptoms returned in full force bc at the same time we took him off nortriptylene, which was apparently working better than we thought! We upped the dose, but the jury's still out. Unfortunately, and contrary to what some of you have found, I'm seeing early signs of tics--snorting, shoulder and neck adjusting, etc., which I have seen before in my son (and I myself have) but which had not been seen in a while. I don't have a doubt that they're related to the strattera. So far they're not grotesque, disfiguring, or even noticeable, so I'm sticking with the strattera for a while, at least until we see the neurologist in a couple of weeks whom we have waited almost a year to get an appointment with!

Question: Are you giving the strattera in the am or pm? My doc said to give it to my son in the pm since that's when he took nortriptylene, but I have read that the effectiveness peaks after two hours, which of course doesn't make sense then to give it to him at night so he can be really well behaved in bed at midnight! I refrained from giving it to him tonight and plan to give it to him in the morning. He has standardized testing this week and I'm hoping I'm doing the right thing messing around with meds like this at this time. Unfortunately, I have discovered that I know more than my family doc on these things (For example, he said strattera was an SSRI, which it clearly is not). What is everybody else doing--morning or night?

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