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Thankyou everyone for your replies. First we tried Adderall it made her worse. Second was a new one called Ritalin ER (early release) mornings were bad. It gave her horrible stomach ache. Third was Metadate, it seemed to work for about 2 months and then it did not work, she was right back to her old self. Sometimes even worse. All these pills we were able to open and sprinkle on her tongue. The last try was Concerta. Can't swallow it. Not even on it long enough to tell if it worked. My doctor is on vaca till next week. She is on nothing and eating her little heart out! I don't know about this Med thing. Most days she cannot function without it, but I will say she is a much more expressive child without it. I think that I have missed that part of her! Who knows what we will do next??!!

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