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Re: Add, adhd,?
Oct 2, 2011

ADHD is certainly a possibility. Doctors like to see the symptoms present before age 9 to dx ADHD.

Evidently you have not been troubled with your ADHD symptoms until rather recently, age 23, 24. The symptoms you list are symptoms of attention deficit disorder, i.e., struggle trying to stay focused and studying. easily distracted, unable to start anything until threatened by the deadline, hard time concentrating, etc.

There are many causes of attention deficiency. It is possible something else is causing ADHD like symptoms. Adderall and other stimulants help control attention deficits whether caused by ADHD or something else. The fact that Adderall helped you does not establish that ADHD is the cause. For example, doctors prescribe Adderall for patients taking powerful medication with attention deficit causing side effects. The medication is obviously the cause, not ADHD. Yet Adderall helps improve their concentration while taking the medication causing the problem.

Recently you went back to college after a few years in the work force. Could resuming college be the trigger of your symptoms? Or could it have triggered the symptoms from existing asymtomatic ADHD? Yes to both.

RE: "I know without having a med chart in front of you, or knowing the rest of my life, you cannot entirely diagnose anything online"

If I had your unabridged life history and the best medical chart in front of me, I could not diagnose the cause of your symptoms. You are better off drinking snake oil than relying on any cyber diagnoses.

There is nothing wrong giving you a few possibilities. Take the info you got, and go see a good psychiatrist. Are your symptoms interfering with your ability to function in the adult world? How badly is your life being disrupted? You are intellectually capable to do college work. Are your symptoms hindering your ability to keep up the college pace? That sounds pretty damn serious to me.

Tell the pdoc how you are being adversely affected and how badly. Make sure he gets your medical records. Do you remember any indication of attention difficulties in grade or HS? Were you able to get your high grades without much effort? Little study? Did you seemingly absorb subjects as if by osmosis? Your brain power may have been enough to overcome any attention problems you may have had. The college level load may have exceeded your intellectual ability to learn without paying much attention.

Do not fabricate anything. If you have no recollection of attention problems before now does not mean you do not have a disabling attention deficit. It might mean something other ADHD is the cause. There is no way in hell to fix any problem without knowing what to fix, that is, the cause. Do your best to give the doc accurate info that he can use to do his medical diagnostic detective work. If the doc nails the cause, your problem is solved. Otherwise you are screwed.


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