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Luckily for my son, he goes to an excellent public school. He was recently identified with a "communication disorder." His performance on the tests for learning disabilities was not low enough to officially label him with a language disability, but because his IQ was high, the point discrepancy between his potential and his performance was significant, thereby qualifying him for an IEP and special ed services when he starts middle school. His grades (except for C's in math) have always been A's and B's, like your son. In Maryland, they call it GTLD (LD kids with high IQ's). They are the ones who most often fall between the cracks because they're smart enough to compensate to the point that they don't fail. Insofar as the Strattera is concerned, he has been taking it with one 10 mg dose of Ritalin since school let out last week. The Strattera does seem to help his hyperactivity and impulsivity levels, but not the focusing. He's not talking incessently and when I watch him, long after the morning dose of Ritalin has worn off, compared to other boys his age, he certainly doesn't stand out. He does seem moodier--he's usually the happy one in our family--more easily agitated than before, but he eats and sleeps. He's not tired all the time, unlike your son. I still think I may try him on Concerta again when school starts--hopefully, the break from it will make it work better. Also, we've never tried him on Aderrall (sp?), so I guess we still have that option if the concerta still isn't effective. As I told you before, the male side effects really worry me.

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