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After reading the posts by men taking Strattera, I wonder how worried I should be about the possibility of long term effects on my son's sexual development. Is using a medication with unknown long term effects worth the risk? The sexual side effects many of the men posted were pretty awful. Are any of the rest of you worried about whether or not growing boys may have long term or permanent effects from this drug?
Glad you asked this again...I asked about a week ago and didn't get any takers. My son is in puberty and this week has been really tired all day and now says his joints hurt...have a call into my pediatrician. Might mean getting off Strattera. I am also going to look into biofeedback...supposed to help kids who have tried all of the meds...which we have
Hi jboon and lasthope,

I am B_Grl_Online's mom...just to identify myself! I hope she has been able to give you a little feedback from the mind of a teen with ADD. She is a very smart girl...just like your son, lasthope...all A's and B's at school, but she has a horrible time focusing on her school work if she's not on meds. Her grades drop dramatically when off of them. She has taken methylphenidate (Ritalin) in most of it's forms since she was 6. The methylphenidate always helped with her attention so I was rather surprised when the doctor wanted to switch her to Strattera about a month ago. I was not too excited about the switch, but since it is summer and finals are over (she just finished 9th grade), we are giving it a try.

As far as puberty goes...I haven't noticed a whole lot of strange symptoms with the Strattera. I think it does make my daughter more mellow and less impulsive. She is not hyperactive in the usual sense of the word, she just talks a lot and can't seem to ignore conversations that don't involve her. She also seems to enjoy provoking her younger sisters into an argument when she's not on meds! She is an active girl and even though the Strattera mellows her out, it hasn't turned her into a zombie either. She is tall, about 5'7", and all those years on Ritalin didn't seem to affect her growth (unless, of course, she was SUPPOSED to be 6 feet tall!). :)

Like any kid, she has her "up days" and her "down days" too. She is very interested in the health field and also in computers. Thankfully, her interests keep her busy most of the time...she spends a lot of spare time at the library in the computer room. I would venture to guess that most "people on the street" would never know that she has ADD, but she really does and it does affect her life. It is quite possible that she has some learning disabilities, too, but since she is very intelligent she has always been able to escape LD identification at the school. Because our school is very small, she has been able to take advantage of some of the special ed help without actually having an IEP. She takes some of her tests in the resource room so she can have more time to complete them and so she won't be so distracted. The meds help a lot with the ADD symptoms, but I also think adjusting the learning environment is a big plus.

I am curious to see how the Strattera works during the school year because it is hard to really tell if it helps her focus during the summer months. She does say that it helps her to concentrate enough to get lost in a book...that is very unusual w/o any meds.

If you have any questions about B_Grl_Online's ADD, any teen symptoms or anything else that comes to mind, just ask, I'm happy to talk about what has or has not worked for us. She is happy to help, too. I also have a 7 year old daughter who is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and so far none of the meds we have tried on her have worked at all! I am curious to find out if she truely has AS or possibly a really extreme case of ADHD w/ LD's. She is rather sociable for AS. She does have an IEP and is in Sp Ed 1/2 the day, every day, at school. I can surely sympathize with you both on how difficult it can be when you are trapped in the ADHD/meds/LD maze!!!

Best wishes...

Dear jboon and oma61,
Thanks for all the sharing. It always helps to get other thoughts and experiences. The tiredness seems to be going away but like your son jboon he is more moody than in the past and very easily agitated. He doesn't qualify for resource room even though our school has good spec ed services. He has pulled excellent grades in the past and tests in the 98-99th pecentile on standardized tests---so he doesn't qualify. Without my help and my husband's his grades would have been a lot worse. He doesn't like to study at all but is very competitive. He took the SAT's in the 7th grade for fun with some other kids and did very well. BUT...that was then and now that puberty is here the meds seem to stop working. I don't see increase in focus at all with strattera but he says he feels like a normal kid. Sometimes he does seem more "normal", but then the impulsivity pops up and he does or says things that his peers view as odd. That ends up causing social issues which are tough to begin with for these kids.
I am going to try and have him classified and get an IEP so that I can go back to being a parent and not a teacher/policeman. He really needs the resource room to help him gain study and orginizational skills. I think some of his problems with me in particular are because I stayed on top of him so much last year and he finally burned out. Hopefully the summer will ease some of the tension and we can start anew in the fall....better run. Going away for a few days. Will check this post when I return...thanks again

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