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In highschool I never really tried until I got to grade 12 where I put a lot of effort and did a complete 180 degree in my life. I and pulled of some decent grades to land me in a university. A few months into UNI I was introduced to Adderall and started taking them- legally, I have a prescription to it- And I really liked it so began to use it to study and on days I have something planned out and that needs to be done and I use it on these occasions.- My usage varies from week to week its, not consistent. I'm not addicted to it at all either.

I've been noticing something very strange with me... I have this weird habit of not remembering something at the moments its really needed, like for example, I was reading a book about Hinduism and we were on a topic of religion and I couldn't recall the piece of information I read.. even though I So vividly remembering reading it, taking extra time to re-read it because I found it so fascinating..But i just couldn't recall it...This happens way to often to be considered normal..It makes me feel so stupid but I'm not stupid I know it and my grades prove it- (to whatever the extent your university GPA counts as proof)

I don't know why this is.. could it be the adderal? I'm thinking I should stop taking it because it seems to have dulled my personality especially in social situations.

Anyone have any thoughts

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