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HI , I am the mom of 2 boys with adhd 9 and 12 , School is fixing to start here and my boys have been without meds all summer. They were taken off the last med right before school ended last yr Straterra cause they were so sick from it, All the others meds either quit working or dr would take them off cause of loss of weight, But I feel like were kinda at the end of the road , I was hoping it would work , It was pretty much our last hope, Has anyone ever had to take there kids off meds cause of these reasons, I am wondering how much trouble the school is going to give me about not haveing them on meds , I just dont know . Im sure come monday the calls are going to start. But one good thing that has happened this summer is my boys have gained alot of weight and look so good, THey had both quit growing the last few yrs maybe a lbs here and there . WEll i was just wondering , If anyone has any advise or info for me i would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance, Take care all. Sassy

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