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I would like to hear from anyone thats child started off very tired and lifeless, didn't want to play once the strattera kicked in and then even upped the dose to 40 mgs (9 1/2 70 lbs.) but then after 3 or more weeks all the BAD side effects went away? I am hating the side effects of this drug and want to take him off but my doctor keeps saying it needs more time. He just started full contact football and i don't want to have to give him an evening dose , this would make football practice even harder. But currently the 40 mg. knocks him out and he is so "drugged" I can't do that. So I do 25mg w/ still horrible side effects and then wears off before homework time, thus meaning a 2nd dose, but don't want to do that to him w/ all the sports he plays all year. We are on week 3 has anyone had these same terrible side effects and then they go away? I need to know otherwise I want to stop the Strattera. THANKS!
i'd say give the strattera at night and see how that is. i took strattera for a month and a half with no noticeable improvement and had to suffer from tiredness and baaad mood swings. for me, strattera was not worth it.

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Read my new post of 8/21/03. " 22 days of Strattera Success..."

I have been on Strattera for about 23 days. I experienced tiredness for the first couple of weeks. Each week I had less tiredness overall. Some days would be great then the next day I would feel tired. I now do NOT experience tiredness. I have also found that the more exercise I get the better I feel. Sometimes I go to exercise and am convinced that I will not have the physical energy to play/exercise (because I always had to be "Amped Up" on a stimulant to have physical energy), however, I am continually amazed that I have plenty of energy once I start to play tennis or do some other sort of exercise.

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