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[quote]Originally posted by strattercaster:
[b]Thanks Bill!
I'm your age, have been on Strattera about a year, and have also had great success. I started writting a brief journal for myself a yer ago, but it sort of petered out.....Strattera doesn't work miracles. I've noticed a big improvement in my levels of concentration, organization, and follow through. Very early in the time on the meds, my ife and kids offered unsolicited comments regarding my lower irritability/anger threshold and more level headedness.
I too, wonder about any possible sexual side effects that you've experienced. I've written about my experience on Jacko's "Male side Effects" thread - the first few months were difficult to say the least, and return if I miss my meds then re-start.
Other then that, I'm glad you have had success. Keep in touch![/b][/quote]

I have read your thread with great intrest. It is obvious that many others are interested too. Quiet a few hits and comments. I have ramped up from 25MG, 40MG to 50MG (see my post of today... "22 days of Strattera success..."). Although the target is about 90 - 100MG for men, my Dr. wants to ramp me up to the "leading edge of my maximum dose" which neither of us yet know. We are keping an eye out for any problems. It is like he told me... "if you have had it all your life, dont be in such a hurry to get it fixed at the expense of failure... another week or two wont really matter..." Good advise from a good Dr. friend of mine. So far so good.

enjoy your life the other options are not good!

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