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HI. I am new to the board. I am the dad of an 8 year old (about 60 pounds) with ADHD. He has been on Concerta for a few year, but about a month ago he started having significant ticks, so we have started trying Strattera.

Our doc, said start "low and slow" so as to reduce the side effects. The first week he was on 10mg of Strattera, along with a reduced dose of Concerta. For the past ten days he has been on Strattera 18mg, and no Concerta. Strattera only. Negative side effects have been minimal, mostly a little tired. But since it takes 3-4 weeks to see positive benefits, I can't tell if his current behavior is based on Strattera working a little bit or Strattera is not yet effective and therefore, practically speaking, it is as if there is no meds in his body.

Here is the thing. He is doing great. He is still too impulsive and hyper. But he is happier than ever and very self confident. Although he got great benefits from the Concerta for a few years, we were unaware of the severity of the side effects....very emotional, big rebound, high anxiety, lots of fears, hard to sleep, tics, etc. Now he is confident, witty, animated, happy, etc. I can't tell if this is him off the meds or if it is a result of the Strattea.

To be clear, with school coming up, I am not sure that he could focus enough (too wild), so we will probably have to up the dose of Strattera, or if it is not effective, maybe try the Concerta on a lower dose. It has been some time since we have seen him without meds, so maybe his progress is developmental, or maybe not.

Were really pleased to see this progress, just dont know what to attribute it too. Thanks in advance for you replys!

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