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[QUOTE=stressless37;4887591]So yesterday was a wash. Horrible. But I realized after looking around here a bit that my dose was TOO HIGH.
I did what the pdoc said. She said start out with 10mgs.
Today I cut it in half and much much much much better![/QUOTE]

I found out a lot of things when I couldn't sleep last
1. there are a lot of threads that say "Adderall vs. Ritalin"
2. it's really important that I drink a lot of water
3. there's probably more I can't think of right now lol
What really helped me was an old addprogrammer post that Bob said he
cut his dose down to 5mg of adderall once and that's what gave me the idea for today. Otherwise I would have probably emailed my doc and said forget it or went without ...whatever...

going to bed early tonight....not taking the other way!
that 5mg lasted and probably is still lasting!! over 7 hrs! not bad :)

Yesterday was a total nightmare though....I am almost afraid if I ever feel the need to increase...yikes...don't think I will go there anytime soon
I was edgy and lazy, impatient...I just watched a movie with the kids...couldn't even help with homework!..ugh

It's like I took a nap from 9pm-1am and was wide awake until 5am-8am I slept again...Not ideal! So, I just stayed in bed and wished to sleep for 4 hours?
I assume it's because of how the med goes through our system? And of course my system is probably catching up slowly....
I usually have no trouble sleeping at all. I go to bed before 10pm most nights and up before 5am most days. We'll see how tonight goes.
Slept beautifully last night :) 10pm to 5 am exactly! ahhh
5mg of adderall upon my return from my morning gym time and it's time for housework and etc. I was a little stressed earlier but I seem to be ok now. I was happy when I woke up. The stress came right after I took the pill though. hmm..It seemed like everything bothered me. But we were on time for school! Peacefully, of course. I use one word directives, shoes, backpacks, jacket, homework? No one ate my high protein pancakes so they had a spoon of peanut butter lol. I didn't make anything else.
I feel more at ease now that I can think about what I need to do first.
I think my biggest problem is I wanted to get some housework done before I went food shopping. I also have an additional pick up added on last night as a favor. In addition I wanted to cut some coupons before I shopped! Most of the things I need to buy I know I have coupons for. I needed to come on here and vent so I could figure it out?
I feel like I'm trying to figure out an algebra problem and I'm not to sharp with that!
Nope still confused....should I take another 5mg?
Should I just let the day be as it is and ride it out?
I still have all day just to do as best I can as I am.
That's probably the best choice.
I should just do one thing for a half hour at a time.
Only spend an hour at the market and come home.
Wow, see, that wasn't so hard after all! :)
Take it slow. The biggest problem I had when I started the meds is I expected too much. It's going to take time to get a feel for how things are going. Give yourself a week on the 5mg, and then see where you stand. If you feel you haven't been getting enough 'bang for your buck,' try 10 next week.

As I learned the hard way, treating ADHD with medication is a process that takes time to figure out. Despite what you may hear on here and elsewhere about magic pills, stimulants will ease your symptoms, but never cure them. Find some information on dealing with stress and anxiety, it helps a great deal to be calm when you're thinking about these things. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to improve dramatically right away; despite the cliched nature of the saying, 'baby steps' is very appropriate here.
[QUOTE=stressless37;4888071]Thanks, I am just in a real bad mood right now. I woke up so happy. Perhaps I should have taken the 5mgs when I felt I needed it. Maybe I was still riding on what was in my system from yesterday and that some extra just put me over...cause I feel how too much felt Tuesday...actually
wow ok
Thanks Thunor! your input helps :) true, patience is one thing we ah gotta work on a lot :)[/QUOTE]

Ok today much better...:)
Sleep was perfect again
Gym time fine
took 5mg of adderall and so far ok
mood is good, motivation is good, focus is ok

Thinking about how Thunor suggested talking this med/ADD process slow. I am seriously considering skipping tomorrow's med completely.
So far my experience with this med has been every other day is horrible.
Maybe that is the size baby steps for me for now... a crawl?
heard back from my pdoc
she said to stay on the 5mg for two weeks
then go up to 10mg
if I'm still uncomfortable then she will switch me back
Yesterday went ok, no bad mood
Got some stuff done

I know I can't expect too much of myself. Be reasonable.
I really should look at what I have done instead of what needs to get done.
Also, recognize that I'm trying to manage what's been out of function for a while and it takes patience and love. Really, if I needed to help someone else take care of their stuff, I could do that! Why can't I take care of my own things?
I can be patient with someone else (most people), why not myself? So, attitude adjustment, I guess is on the agenda myself a break, a pep talk... :) I always did respond better to positive pressure :)
I think I read that somewhere about ADD kids...if a teacher notices they do good work they do better! But if a teacher keeps saying "do the work! do the work!" they will probably be like...."um..wha?" I think that would go for any kids :)

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