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I just tried adderall 10mg an hour ago and not impressive...I don't want to do much of any thing.
I did however make good choices thus far as to WHAT to DO. I guess that's a start.
As for the PMS thing that the doc said I may need to increase a pill. We'll see. Probably around the 11th to the 16th I should watch for symptoms.
Worked my way up to 10mg
yesterday and today so far so good without any real sour affects.
It is about that PMS time and can say I have been about the same.
I think the adderall was such a low dose so far that it hasn't really benefitted me all that much as yet. It kinda has felt like I have been PMSing all along slightly anyway with the gentle moodiness. I have cried at least once a day. Not yet today though. And not for long. It just easier to think of something sad, but just as quick the thought is gone and I'm done 5mins. :) fine
Let's see if 10mgs will up the game a bit and move me to action!

I am so happy to say!!!
That my blood pressure is better with the med...ironic ???
I put on some weight since last year for a number of reasons...
at my last GP visit (June) my BP was avg. like 138/90 and not changing with other things
I rarely ever have coffee or the like anymore and I have increased my cardio/exercise routine.... I lost 8lbs
I know it's not seriously high, but since starting a stimulant I still had my concerns.
I got my beloved Memere's old (it's not old) blood pressure cuff and have been taking my BP these last couple's my discoveries:

Last week I was still taking 7.5 mg BP was still: 129/90 & 138/85
yesterday late afternoon a 10 mg day was: 135/83
ya know I had to keep checking it...:)

This morning when I got up I checked it and it was 138/89
after my gym time it was 136/87
about half an hour after my 10mg adderall 132/83
What I'm thinking is the med is diverting the blood to my brain where it's needed and making my heart's job easier??
Makes sense?
[QUOTE=gamergirlZimbar;4895313]I was diagnosed with ADD a year ago. The first medication my doctor prescribed was the brand Vyvanse. I'm not very drug-tolerant, so just 20 mg of it made me a little too wired. There's something about the brand name, I think they put some sort of extra chemical in it to make the effects stronger. 10 mg of generic Adderall XR was too little, and I often found myself getting distracted. Now I'm on 15 mg and it's just right. I've been taking it for almost a year now and it's helped me focus every day.
I highly suggest taking a look at a book called "The six types of ADD" by Dr. Daniel Amen. Different ADD medications affect the the different types of ADD in odd ways. What's good for one type is awful for another. He describes the different types, provides case studies, and what worked for them.
Good Luck![/QUOTE]

Hi! yeah, I got that book! It's cool...I like the brain pics :)
today I'm distracted
10mg but...I blame PMS Lol...lots of excuses I have...
yesterday I was sooo productive and my afternoon (today) is so scheduled, I just can't bring myself to stay on task yet..oh well

Thanks for posting your experience with adderall....nice to meet you!

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